Logging in Skyliner Trail Area?

Does this mean that there are logging operations in the Skyliner Trail area?  Who can translate Forest Servicese?

From: Reinwald, Todd A -FS
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2012 8:22 AM
To: Lang, Marvin E -FS; Tinderholt, Amy J -FS
Cc: Summers, James A -FS; McBride, Scott E -FS
Subject: Wet #4

Just FYI,

Up Skyliner, in Wet #4, there are some mechanical slash treatment operations occurring. And just like the timber sale, there are places where machinery is having to cross the bike trail that runs through part of the upper portion of that unit. Jim Summers has been overseeing the operations and has told them to limit the number of crossings to a minimum, and to cross at right angles to the trail. They are trying to maximize using the places where equipment already crossed during logging, but have had to cross at a few other locations. Tie-in with Jim should you have further questions.  Thx

Todd Reinwald
soil scientist
Bend-Fort Rock Dist.
Deschutes Nat. Forest

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