Show Some Trail Love at Horse Butte

The Horse Butte trail network is getting a lot of use from not just mountain bikers, but also hikers, runners and equestrians, many of whom live in the adjacent neighborhood. Mountain bikers, please be aware that these are shared use trails. Courtesy and etiquette go a long way towards reducing conflict and sharing the Trail Love.

1. Horse Butte Trails are susceptible to not-so-ideal mud conditions. If you are sinking and leaving a track, then you are contributing to trail damage. Find another place to ride and wait until the trails dry out.

2. Show some Trail Love. On shared use trails, follow the IMBA rules for shared use trails (see image below). Bikers yield to both hikers and horses.

3. Keep single track single. Instead of riding through fragile desert vegetation when passing someone, be courteous, stop, smile, pass, then resume your ride.

4. Know that these are shared use trails. Keep your speed in check when in areas of tight sight lines.

Thanks everyone for spreading the Trail Love!

IMBA Yield Sign



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