COTA Begins Extensive Website Redesign Project

Scheduled for completion in early Summer of 2015

New COTA Website Design

The process of designing and building a new and improved website for the Central Oregon Trail Alliance was started last month with completion expected in early summer — just as the riding season shifts into high gear.

According to Woody Starr, COTA Chairman: “The current site has served COTA well and helped us keep our message in front of the community, but the web has changed a lot since our site was built. Back then, no one accessed the site on a phone and now over 30% of COTA’s visitors are using smart phones. What users expect from a website in terms of functionality is much higher today — and the new site will allow us to keep up with those expectations.”

Bend Website DesignBend marketing and design agency Delicious Design has adopted COTA as a pro bono client and will be donating 100% of the development and design costs for this project. With over 20 years of web development expertise and an extensive portfolio of small business and non-profit clients, Delicious Design is uniquely qualified to take COTA’s website to a new level.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to help COTA. I’ve been riding mountain bikes since 1985 and trail advocacy and the work COTA does is something we’re going to put the full weight of our company behind.” said Robert Rekward, Creative Director of Delicious Design. “While the task we’re taking on is a formidable one, and our own expectations are sky-high, we’re confident that the new website features will serve COTA well for years to come.”

Chris Johannsen, a Senior Software Engineer at BIOVIA – Dassault Systemes and a long-time COTA supporter and volunteer has assumed the job of Website Manager and will be the primary interface between COTA, the Board, and Delicious Design during the development process.

When asked to share his vision for the site, Chris said: “My goal is to streamline our content publishing process, reducing the bottleneck of having any single individual responsible for content publication, and empowering all board members, chapter leaders, trail adopters, and the membership to contribute to the overall community that is COTA via the website.”

Website improvements will include: easy to use and well-organized content about all things COTA; a phone-friendly user interface for mobile site visitors; improved membership sign-up and administration; revamped trail section (including a more complete inventory of trails) with better descriptions and current trail reports which will allow riders to make better choices especially when the trails are susceptible to damage; improved functionality and reporting in the worklog; increased exposure and SEO benefit for COTA’s sponsors; and numerous other upgrades and improvements.

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