2017 Budget

Central Oregon Trail Alliance’s projected budget for 2017 is linked below.  The budget as presented was approved by the Board of Directors on November 17, 2016

COTA has been saving money for the purchase of a new trail building machine and related equipment and for trail rehabilitation in the Ochoco National Forest. These large expenditures are projected to occur in 2017 and total over $80,000. Therefore, although the attached budget reflects a projected deficit in net income, this deficit reflects these expenditures for which COTA has cash on hand. COTA is on track to remain fiscally sound in 2017 and beyond. The deficit shown in the attached budget will not result in exhaustion of COTA’s cash on hand or inability to fulfill its ongoing financial obligations.

Please direct any inquiries regarding the 2017 budget to Emmy Andrews, COTA Treasurer, emmy.andrews@cotamtb.com.

2017 Budget

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