Winter Fat-Bike Etiquette: Please Avoid Groomed Nordic Trails

Meissner Nordic spends countless hours grooming Ski trails at and between the Meissner and Swampy Lakes sno-parks and fat-bikes can cause damage to these groomed trails. Additionally, it is disruptive at best when bike meets ski on these groomed trails.

We encourage our winter biking enthusiasts to stay away from these groomed ski trails and head to the Wanoga Sno-Park where, after January 1, trails groomed specifically for fat-bikes will be available.

Also available are miles of snowmobile trails West of Bend as well as in the area of Newberry Crater. User conflicts on snow mobile trails can be mitigated by following a few simple guidelines:

1. When riding on snowmobile trails, use a front white blinker and rear red blinker at all times. Wear reflective material on both the front and rear of your body.
2. Stay to the far right of the trail and yield to snowmobiles. You won’t have any problem knowing they are coming.
3. Use hand signals to communicate the number of riders in your party, they’ll likely do the same.
4. Use extreme caution when riding at night. Be visible.
5. Be friendly! Fat-bikers are the newest trail users. Many areas of the country fat-bikes are not allowed on snowmobile trails. Be happy we can use them.

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