Winter Fat-Bike Trails to Open Soon

As we are nearing the Jan 1st start of the groomed fat-bike trails at Wanoga Snow Park it’s time to review trail etiquette.
• We SHARE a very busy trailhead/multi-use area.
• We are the new kids on the block. Be courteous; say “Hi” to people.
• Walk your bike from the parking lot to the common corridor and back. Don’t ride down the snow brims. It’s far too easy to hit someone walking out from behind a car or be hit by a car driving through the lot.
• We are very lucky to have access to the show shoe loop. Ride SLOWLY on the snowshoe loop. Let people know you are there say “Hi” and pass slowly.
• Park in the upper snowmobile parking lot, DO NOT park in front of the Central Oregon Adventures snowmobile rental yurt. You can ride down the road or the groomed trail to the north of the road.
• Be an ambassador for the sport – be polite, educate other bikers and trail users, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.
• Be a good trail citizen. If the conditions cause you to leave ruts more than 2”, please TURN AROUND – don’t just keep riding because you can. Spread the word about snow biking, make it fun, keep it safe.
• Once on the loops keep in mind they are open to other users.

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