2017 Trail Projects, Round 1

Curious about what new trails are in the works? We’re finalizing plans now and will be coordinating work parties shortly. Here goes:

Cascade Lakes Welcome Center trails – starts in May

The beautiful new Welcome Center on Century Drive (at Forest Rd 41/Dillon Falls turnoff) currently only has access to COD – not so welcoming to families or those seeking a less-than-black-diamond riding experience. The USFS has approved a new green/beginner 5-6 mile loop taking off from the Welcome Center. This also means we will relocate some of nearby COD to make it more consistently black diamond. 

Pinedrops – summer

Pinedrops, Lower Whoops’s humble trail neighbor, becomes an official USFS trail and receives our COTA adoption designation. This trail will be rebuilt/relocated somewhat, per Forest Service guidelines. It also means we are required to remove the ‘unsanctioned’ sections of the trail.

Kent’s @ Voodoo/Phil’s junction – summer

Don’t worry, just a little re-working of that junction area per USFS’s request.

Lone Wolf in Wanoga Trails Complex – summer completion

Ideally we’ll get Lone Wolf done this summer, but higher up trails have a very short build season so keep your fingers crossed.

4/12/17 add’l info: Lone Wolf Trail will start on Upper Tyler’s a little way down from the big rock drop. It takes an alternate line down to the intersection of Upper Tyler’s and Road 200.  Black diamond & fast (similar to Lower Whoops), a mile+ in length, one-way down. Please be patient and avoid until trail is complete-thanks!

The Ochocos – summer/fall

The renovation of three historic non-motorized multi-use trails in the Ochoco National Forest are on the plan.  COTA received a Recreational Trails Grant (RTP), a national grant administered by OPRD for recreational trail-related projects, to rehab these and get them up to (non-motorized) speed.

Additional trail projects to be announced as we get authorization, tweak designs and prep for deployment.

Stay tuned for announcements on work parties for these projects via Meet Up, email, our website and Facebook. Thanks everyone – your help makes all the difference.

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