Winter Fat Bikers – Help!

As most of you know, COTA was able to secure a temporary use permit to build and groom the Wanoga fat bike trails we’ve enjoyed for the last 60 days. However, we really need a permanent use permit to guarantee we can ride every winter. 
That’s where YOU come in. The Forest Service needs to hear that you liked these fat bike trails and want them again next year!
Please take 2 minutes to send an email via the Deschutes National Forest feedback form here:
Or give a quick call to Kevin Larkin (our District Manager) or Marv Lang (our Recreation Forester) at ph: 541-383-5300.
Your support makes ALL the difference.
Thanks in advance!
The COTA team
PS: prefer snail mail? Write to the fellows above at: 63095 Deschutes Market Rd, Bend OR 97701

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