About COTA

The Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992 by a small group of mountain bikers and hikers that wanted to see better trail development outside of Bend, Oregon.

COTA is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use trails and to preserving access for mountain bikers through advocacy, education, and promoting responsible trail use. COTA is an all-volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the USFS, BLM, and other land managers to build and maintain trails throughout Central Oregon. COTA is an IMBA affiliated club.

We are a 100% volunteer organization and our projects are funded through various means including individual and business memberships, grants, sponsors, and donations. Our trails are planned, designed, built, and maintained by volunteers.

In 2012, COTA had over 6,000 volunteer hours donated to trails. We believe that if you love your trails and have an interest in how they are designed and built we want your involvement!

For this reason our motto is “The world is run by those who show up!”