The Maston Allotment

COTA and BLM Implement Significant Improvements at The Maston

Winter 2012-2013

COTA is very pleased to announce that the BLM has finalized their Resource Management Plan for the 4,100-acre Maston Area located between the towns of Tumalo and Redmond. This plan formalizes the area, providing protection for the segregated networks of mountain bike and equestrian trails, with pedestrian use allowed on either system.

Over the past five years this area has become increasingly popular with Central Oregon mountain bikers seeking the excellent winter riding opportunities. The gently rolling terrain is protected from the worst of the weather by ancient juniper trees and panoramic views of the Cascades provide a perfect setting for winter riding. The steep and rugged Deschutes River Canyon located on the eastern edge of the area however is off limits to bikes open to hikers to protect wildlife and their habitats. The same seasonal closures for raptor protection that affect Smith Rocks and Dry Canyon are also enforced along the Deschutes Canyon rim February 1 – August 31.

This winter (2012-2013) will see some significant changes to the existing trail system as COTA and Oregon Equestrian Trails group (OET) implement the BLM plan for the area.  The currently shared trail system will be significantly expanded and segregated to provide better recreational experiences for both user groups. Some of the existing trails will be decommissioned in order to address wildlife concerns and private property boundaries. The BLM has already begun construction on an improved trailhead on Newcomb road, the primary trailhead for the area, located on the south side of the Maston.

COTA has collaborated with the BLM for the past fifteen years to provide accessible and varied mountain biking trails on BLM lands. The long-term plan is to incorporate and expand into the Cline Buttes area to include cross country and downhill trails, and COTA is continuing to work with the BLM to expand riding in this area.

We need your help! Spread the word about the project so that people are prepared to see changes and understand that they are in our interest as trail users. Respect your fellow trail users groups by staying on trails open and designed for your specific use.  Bikes yield to horses; get off your bike and let the equestrians pass.

Stay tuned for upcoming work event announcements.

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