Wanoga Event Complex

Land Management:

Deschutes National Forest

COTA Contacts:

Paul Thomasberg
Woody Starr

June 29, 2012

Wanoga Complex Trail Work

Please be aware that trail work is continuing in the Wanoga area.  The
following trails are still under construction and have no signage: Tyler’s Traverse, Lone Wolf, The Duodenum, and The Steve Larsen Trail above Kiwa Spring.  All of these trails are in various states of construction and should be avoided.  The hope is to have these trails completed by this fall and ready to ride next spring.
Thank you.


3/4/10 – The RTP grant is now in effect and all trail work in the “Wanoga Project” must be reported. We have specific requirements for this, please contact the trail work coordinator to find out more.


These trails are on the ground now and are rideable!  This is just the beginning.

Conceived almost 10 years ago as an event specific trail network to allow for a variety of off-road bike and trail running events.  It will include Short Course Cross Country, Cylcocross, Epic XC and Super D trails.  All trails will be laid out with events in mind, but will be open to all mountain bike and foot traffic to add to our already world class trail network.  The new system, approximately 12 miles west of town on Century Drive is named for the Wanoga Sno-Park which is central to the new complex.  The complex will link together riding opportunities from Edison Sno-Park to Wanoga all the way down to FS Rd 41 along the Deschutes River.  Over 30 miles of diverse trails are already approved in a variety of terrain that should satisify any event promoter or recreational cyclist/runner.