E-Bikes and Their Use On The Trail System

As various forms of electronic bikes gain in popularity there have been questions as to the rules for when and under what circumstances they can be used on our trail system.

Two things to point out on this issue:

  1. Electronic bikes are considered motorized and this includes pedal assisted mountain bikes.
  2. Motorized bikes are not allowed on any of the trails in the trail system including the equestrian trails east of Bend and in the Cascade Lakes area.

Please visit this link to view the COTA position paper on the topic for detailed information. COTA EBikes Position Statement – Final

The paper contains a fairly long explanation of the electronic bike policies in force on Federal land and our view of the issue.  It also includes as attachments the official BLM and Forest Service documents regarding where and when electronic bikes are appropriate on the lands they manage.  It is worth your time to read it.

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