Smith Rock/Gray Butte

Trail Details

Season: spring, fall
Distance: varies
Hazards: infamous Grey Butte mud, horses

World class climbing with great views of the Cascades.

A variety of rides are available;  pretty much all of them involve a lot of climbing.   Tread surfaces vary, but most of it is a hard packed clay with loose rocks, and of course there’s sand too, just to make it extra interesting.

Be sure to research current conditions before heading out.   The infamous Grey Butte Gumbo is not to be messed with.   At the first sign of the gumbo turn around and retreat.   It will pack your tires to the point that they will no longer roll through your frame and your bike suddenly will weigh 40 lbs as you carry it  back to your car.   Not fun!   This area is unlike most other Central Oregon trails after a rain.   The early spring thaw is usally when the gumbo is the worst.