Tumalo Creek Trail

Trail Details

Season: late spring, summer,fall
Distance: 3.0 – 3.5 miles
Connects to: Skyliner, Tumalo Ridge,  South Fork, North Fork, Farewell trails
Hazards: Short lines of sight. Ride with care.

This is not the Tumalo Creek hiking trail closed by the Forest Service due to the Two Bulls fire!

Many grade reversals as well as lots of snowberry.
Runs between Skyliner trailhead and Tumalo Falls trailhead.
Good warmup before sustained uphill of Tumalo Ridge, North Fork, South Fork, and Farewell trails.
Quickest single track to North and South Fork Tumalo Creek trails

Directions to :

Park at Skyliner trailhead, on Skyliner Road, approximately 10 miles west of Skyliner/Mt. Washington Dr. roundabout.