Wanoga Complex

Trail Details

Season: late spring, summer, fall
Distance: variable; multi-hour loops possible
Connects to: Storm King trail

June 29, 2012

Wanoga Complex Trail Work

Please be aware that trail work is continuing in the Wanoga area. The
following trails are still under construction and have no signage: Tyler’s Traverse, Lone Wolf, The Duodenum, and The Steve Larsen Trail above Kiwa Spring. All of these trails are in various states of construction and should be avoided. The hope is to have these trails completed by this fall and ready to ride next spring.
Thank you.

The first new trails of the Wanoga Complex are open and rideable.  The routes are in varying stages of construction. Most of it is riding pretty well but watch for unmarked obstacles and unmarked intersections.
While riding the trails you’ll notice they split in several places.  These are passing lanes designed for racing and/or options to allow for more technical sections.  For now pick a lane and go.

Thanks to ormtb.com for the maps of our new trail network!

Directions to Wanoga Complex:

Cascade Lakes Highway to Wanoga Snopark.  Trailheads for Tiddlywinks and Funner are at the east end of the snopark.

National Weather Service forecast for the Wanoga area