Volunteers have worked a total of 4010 hours in 2014!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
09/16/201433TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Chris K, Ray D and 8 other hard working volunteersPhils Trail Complex
Brush clearing for Welcome Station trail 3c[close]
09/09/201421TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Mike P, Ray D, Scott S, Chad, G, Gabriel, T, Justin HPhils Trail Complex
Cleared corridor for Welcome Station Trail 3c.[close]
08/01/201430TrailKent HowesKent Howes, Mark DejohnPhils Trail Complex
various brushing and cut out stuff in lower phil's and also sst,sector 16[close]
07/31/201410AdminDarlene HendersonDarlene H.Crook County
Chapter admin work[close]
07/27/20141TrailJoe MyersjmPhils Trail Complex
Closed a shortcut on Upper whoops.[close]
07/19/20141TrailJade Mayerjade rick and johnNewberry Crater - Crater Rim Trail
cleared east lake to horse butte, via swamp wells.[close]
07/16/201425AdminMike Pulzonebob w., darlene h., jack w., willem b., mark d., mike p.General Admin Work
COTA bylaws revision include meeting and some additional time[close]
07/15/20142TrailJoe MyersjmStorm King
Worked on closing 2 cheater trails off lower SK. One which bypasses the techy switchback close to the highway (150' trail), and another which goes from Stormking near here to Funner and bypasses the large rock outcropping (also about 150'). rough/partial drain cleaning with no tools on 2 COD drains.[close]
06/30/201420AdminDarlene HendersonDarlene H.Crook County
Chapter admin work[close]
06/28/201440TrailJoel PalanukTroy L, Malachi L, Rob J, Lex J, Marieke J, Eli P, Max P, Joel PCache Mountain Area
Ceanothis removal[close]
06/27/20144TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Tread work on Duodenum from bottom to berm number 8.[close]
06/26/201414TrailWoody StarrWoody, LevSwampy Lakes Loop
cleared logs on Ridge loop, Vista, Flagline Tie & lower Flagline[close]
06/26/20142TrailTodd WellsToddWanoga Complex
One way signs up and pin flags out of new uphill Funner route.[close]
06/23/20143AdminMike PulzonempGeneral Admin Work
work on bylaw revision proposal[close]
06/21/20145TrailGary ReynoldsGary ReynoldsCota's Trail Network
Ridge Loop and Vista Butte[close]
06/18/20141TrailMike Brunkemike b (and an anonymous group that helped)South Fork Trail
Cut out the new downed tree, about ½ mile from bottom of the trail. Thanks to the group who came along and helped me roll the log![close]
06/16/20148TrailGary ReynoldsGary ReynoldsSwampy Lakes Loop
Ridge Loop, Flagline Tie cut deadfall and a bit of drainage work[close]
06/15/201412TrailJoel PalanukMax P, Eli P, Joel P, Brennan M, Melody M, Enonna MCache Mountain Area
Ceanothis removal[close]
06/12/20148AdminMike Pulzonebob w., mark d., willem b., mike p.General Admin Work
COTA bylaws review committee[close]
99//20146TrailKent HowesKent Howes, Tova KauffmanWanoga Complex
put the Scenic Trail Signs on DinahMoeHumm and Kiwa Butte Trails[close]

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