Volunteers have worked a total of 5797 hours in 2014!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
10/30/20145TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Packed up and returned the machine. Hand cleared additional corridor on the road 100 section of the Duodenum[close]
10/29/20144TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Cleared more trail corridor along road 100 at Duodenum[close]
10/29/20143TrailJoe MyersjmTumalo Ridge Trail
4/5 trees cleared from tumalo ridge. 2/2 cleared on Swede ridge. 1/4 cleared on southfork. My hand saw is broken, so I wasn't able to clear a few others. Most can be cleared by hand. 1 is pretty massive on Southfork.[close]
10/28/201416TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Rob W, Joe M, and BarryWanoga Complex
Cut new section of road 100 trail at Duodenum[close]
10/27/20141AdminJack WhiteJack WGeneral Admin Work
Update WordPress[close]
10/27/201418TrailMike Pulzonephil m., nick p., mike c., mike p.Maston
continued tread construction , east end of Lost Dream realign[close]
10/27/20143TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Improved drainage on the road 125 section and began clearing of road 100 section.[close]
10/26/20144TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Built drains on Duodenum[close]
10/26/201410TrailJade Mayerrick, john & jadeHorse Butte
cleared swamp wells and coyote from horse butte parking lot to the swamp wells horse camp.[close]
10/25/20147TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Built/improved drainage on the Duodenum[close]
10/24/20144TrailGary ReynoldsGary ReynoldsSwampy Lakes Loop
Ridge Loop drainage[close]
10/24/201410TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Walked the Duodenum with USFS and got approval for road 125 route and road 100 plan, picked up the machine and dug the first two of many drains on road 125[close]
10/23/20147TrailMike Pulzonephil m., mike p.Maston
continue tread construction on Lost Dream realign[close]
10/22/20142TrailTodd WellsToddWanoga Complex
Drains and new one way connection below cowbell on Funner.[close]
10/22/20143TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Completed flagging for Duodenum along road 100[close]
10/21/20142TrailTodd WellsToddWanoga Complex
signs, line of sight, drain work on Funner[close]
10/21/20143AdminBrian NelsonBrian NelsonSmith Rock/gray Butte
Met with Forest Service representative for approval of trail work. Also installed new signage at trailhead and one other location to denote usage.[close]
10/21/20143TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Scouted and flagged Road 100 roue for Duodenum[close]
10/20/20143TrailRob WestonRob WestonMarvin's Gardens
Corner/rock work[close]
10/20/20143TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
PIn flagged the Duodenum up route and a small portion of the road 100 route[close]

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