Volunteers have worked a total of 1704 hours in 2016!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
08/23/201648TrailBruce SchroederWoody K, Aaron E, Bruce S and 16 hard working volunteersDeschutes River Trail
Brush work along the river trail between Meadow and Lava Island[close]
08/19/20161TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Removed deadfall on lower Tiddlywinks[close]
08/16/201612TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Woody K, Gary G and JasonPhils Trail Complex
Did some great work on upper Phil's clearing and building drains and removing a go around.[close]
08/14/20164TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Groomed trail and completed signage work on Duodenum and did some brushwork on Larsen's[close]
08/11/20166TrailBruce SchroederBruce S and Gary GWanoga Complex
Planted post at the beginning of the Duodenum and at the turn from the road 125 section[close]
07/27/201621TrailBruce SchroederWoody K, Joe O and five other hard working volunteersUpper Whoops
Brush work west of Shooting Star[close]
07/20/201610TrailBruce SchroederWoody K, Bruce S, Sean L, Rob K, and Samuel T.Wanoga Complex
Completed section of Catch and Release from the Intersection of road 41 and Cascade Lakes Highway to Seventh Mountain Resort[close]
07/15/20162TrailZach ViolettZach ViolettTumalo Creek Trail
Clearing overgrown brush[close]
07/14/201616TrailJoe MyersJoe, dan walker (not counting 3 USFS peeps)Metolius - Windigo
clearing MW from happy valley to todd lake horse camp.[close]
07/13/20169TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Joe O, and Gary GFarewell
Brush work on Farewell[close]
07/06/201615TrailBruce SchroederWoody K and five hard working volunteersWanoga Complex
Began building addition to Catch and Release connection the Welcome Center tunnel and Seventh Mountain resort[close]
06/29/201632TrailDavid CaplanPaul Thomasberg, Adam Craig, Lev Stryker, Dave CaplanEdison - Lava Trail
cleared deadfall and brush[close]
06/28/20165TrailBruce SchroederWoody S, Bruce S and Rob WWanoga Complex
Fixed trail routing at the south end of Catch and Release[close]
06/23/201618TrailLev StrykerErika, Lev, ZackSwampy Lakes Loop
cleared to the top of Vista Butte.[close]
06/23/20162TrailBruce SchroederBruce SWanoga Complex
Drain and tread work on the Duodenum up route[close]
06/20/201676TrailMike PulzoneFootZone and COTA event Leaders: chris k., bruce s., mike p. 19 workers totalTumalo Creek Trail
Brushing snow bush to open up trail,improve sight distance[close]
06/14/201628TrailRick DethmanRandy, Ruben , Jennifer & RickOchoco Mountains
Cleared downfall on North Round Mt[close]
06/13/201630TrailBruce SchroederDave C, Chris K, Bruce S and 7 other hard working volunteersFarewell
Brush work and sight clearance[close]
06/12/201612TrailTravis HolmanTravis Holman Amber Toomey Jesse Toomey Sarah Carver Adam Kim Bethany Holman Jen Winders Randy WindersPrineville Bike Park
Packing in and wetting pump track[close]
06/12/20163TrailBruce SchroederBruce and Kathy SWanoga Complex
Brush work on Larsen[close]

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