Volunteers have worked a total of 1638 hours in 2014!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
04/17/201451TrailBruce SchroederBruce S, Woody S and 15 hard working volunteers from HydroflaskWanoga Complex
Cut the new Tyler's up trail from the beginning of the new down route to road 300[close]
04/15/20148TrailTodd WellsToddWanoga Complex
Cleared Funner from OctaLog to bottom and general maintenance.[close]
04/14/20144TrailJoe Myersjoe, kentPhils Trail Complex
recon and pinning for Paul's to whoops connector.[close]
04/13/20143TrailRob WestonRob WMarvin's Gardens
Tread work and rock work.[close]
04/11/2014130TrailMike PulzoneOregon Youth Challenge cadets, Chris D., Ray D., Bruce S., Bob W., Mike P., Ron W., Stacy W., Dustin B., Gary E., Greg G., Greg C.Maston
roughed in Big Bark removed sage and bitter brush, some rocks and most of bunch grass....ready for moto and raking[close]
04/08/201418TrailChris KratschChris K, Jake R, Nate G, and Brennan MCache Mountain Area
chainsaw work.[close]
04/06/201438AdminChris KratschChris K, Paul L, Bruce S, Lucas F, Leanna T, Woody S, Erica S, Joe T, Katy B, and Chris DPhils Trail Complex
Directional Trail Launch, providing info, receiving feedback.[close]
04/06/20142TrailJoe MyersjoePhils Trail Complex
cleared 3 trees from grand slam[close]
04/05/201448AdminChris KratschChris K, Paul L, Bruce S, Lucas F, Leanna T, Woody S, Erica S, Joe T, Katy B, Jade M, Rick F, Willem B, and Joel PPhils Trail Complex
Launching Directional Trails, providing info, receiving feedback.[close]
04/05/2014108TrailStephen HendersonWoody S,Rick D. Ray D, Peter B, Joe M, Will H, Stephen H, Tim M, Sean S, Preston S, John U, Rick Z, Bryan S, Travis H, Joseph B, Brandon B, Bethany H, Sandra H, Carly R, Amanda L, Alyssa B, Jonathon L, Darlene H, Jeff vCrook County
OWSP Lower 66 new trail build on S Loop, North Loop and Connector[close]
03/31/201420AdminDarlene HendersonDarlene H.Crook County
Chapter Administrative Business[close]
03/30/201415TrailRick DethmanWoody, Jeff, Bill & RickCrook County
Used Bill's backhoe to build rock bridges on N loop of Lower 66[close]
03/30/20141TrailJoe MyersjmPhils Trail Complex
Recon for Paul's trail. Trail in good condition other than snow in the flats. Removed a down tree on back side (old road)[close]
03/30/201452TrailChris DodsonChris K, Chris D,Eric M,Jennifer B,Dustin B,Bruce S,Bill M,Dan W, Katrina M,Jason O,Scott S,Hector P, Ray DPhils Trail Complex
Treadwork and drainage on Bens[close]
03/22/2014116TrailJoel PalanukWarren R, Nate G, Ali H, Jake R, Chad C, Bruce S, Bill N, Andrew L, Eric L, Robert J, Erik S, Greg W, Gabe W, Trevor E, Chris K, Katy B, Ray D, Jack W, Shawn D, Sarah T, Josh L, David T, Nora T, Will T, Sam T, Ella T, Joel P, Shawna P, John RCota's Trail Network
Brush removal on existing Cache mountain area, and Sisters Tie trail.[close]
32/3/20146TrailKent HowesTova Kauffman, Kent HowesPhils Trail Complex
Worked on the descent of KGB into Tetherow, adding multiple drains, cleaning out existing drains etc. NOTE: Watch out for aggressive FS Officers with chips on their shoulders![close]
32/2/20146TrailKent HowesKent HowesPhils Trail Complex
More drain work, finish raking, compaction on the KGB cuttoff[close]
32/1/20145TrailKent HowesKent HowesPhils Trail Complex
More ditch witch work on drains along KGB[close]
49//20148TrailRob WestonRob weston and Barry BMarvin's Gardens
Tread work and feature work.[close]
48//20145TrailRob WestonRob WestonMarvin's Gardens
Tread work[close]

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