Volunteers have worked a total of 600 hours in 2017!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
04/21/20171TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichPhils Trail Complex
Cleared one tree off kents[close]
04/20/20172TrailTodd WellsToddWanoga Complex
Trail scouted to plan spring cleaning[close]
04/20/20175TrailJoe Myersjoe, Robert RStorm King
Cleared Lower StormKing. 3 trees were down. Still a big section of snow to the South of the tiddly intersection that is hike-a-bike, but the rest of the trails is looking great. One big puddle where logging equipment crossed the trail but no mud.[close]
04/19/20173TrailBruce SchroederBruce SPhils Trail Complex
Scouted Ben's and the Welcome Cttr Trails for future event planning[close]
04/11/20175TrailJoe MyersJoe, bridgetSisters Area
Logging out Suttle tie trail.[close]
04/09/201716TrailRick DethmanJesse, Aaron, Dylan, Sarah, Mathew, Travis, RickCrook County
Surface work on the rim[close]
04/07/20173TrailRob HafeyRob HafeyHorse Butte
Started 2 miles from Trailhead east and clipped back for about 1/2 mile.[close]
04/02/20173TrailJoe MyersJMCod
inventory on COD. Rode all sections up to SK. 1 tree down at the top, several snow patches at the very top. No mud and a couple sections up high which could use a drain (sand pit).[close]
03/29/20173TrailBruce SchroederDennis KHorse Butte
Brush work on Arnold Ice Cave trail[close]
03/24/201715AdminGary MeyerGaryWanoga Complex
Fatbike groomer Grant[close]
03/19/20174TrailJoe MyersmeCota's Trail Network
Mini X work at inn at seventh with WK[close]
03/18/20178TrailGary MeyerGaryCota's Trail Network
Bigsky design PTBA conference[close]
03/18/20177TrailRick DethmanRandy, RickCrook County
Flagging Upper 66[close]
03/17/20178TrailGary MeyerGaryCota's Trail Network
PTBA conference BigSky design[close]
03/17/20173TrailRick DethmanRickCrook County
Flagging Upper 66[close]
03/16/20178AdminGary MeyerGaryGeneral Admin Work
PTBA conference[close]
03/16/201718AdminJoe MyersmeGeneral Admin Work
Sustainable Trails Conference[close]
03/15/20178AdminGary MeyerGaryGeneral Admin Work
PTBA conference[close]
03/14/20178AdminGary MeyerGaryGeneral Admin Work
PTBA conference[close]
03/14/20176TrailRick DethmanRandy, Travis, RickCrook County
Flagging upper 66[close]

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