Volunteers have worked a total of 2482 hours in 2015!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
06/29/20153TrailChris KratschTom LomaxMetolius - Windigo
Not MW, really. Cleared down trees on Dutchman Access from Dutchman SnoPark to Flagline trail and then over to Rd370.[close]
06/28/20153TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichEdison - Lava Trail
Cleared almost all trees from Edison Sno-Park to 7.5 miles west toward Lava Lake.[close]
06/25/201512TrailTodd WellsTodd wells, Bruce Schroeder, Woody Keen, Chris KratchWanoga Complex
Realigned entrance to uphill finger on Funner. Visited the spring issue where an unauthorized trail has formed. Will communicate our findings to FS and continue to review usage and cause. Hoping improvements and signs keep users on designated route.[close]
06/22/20152TrailRob WestonRob WestonMarvin's Gardens
Sand removal[close]
06/22/20152TrailRichard TurnerR. TurnerMetolius - Windigo
Blow down removal between Dutchman Snow Park and Happy Valley, theres more to do![close]
06/15/20155TrailRob WestonRob WestonMarvin's Gardens
Built drains, cleared drains and removed sand deposits.[close]
06/15/20155TrailRob WestonRob WestonMarvin's Gardens
Built drains, cleared drains and removed sand deposits.[close]
06/15/20156TrailJoe Myersjoe, robCod
06/14/201510TrailBruce SchroederBruce and Kathy SWanoga Complex
Finished raking and drain clearing on the "snake" portion of the Duodenum[close]
06/12/20155TrailJoe Myersjoe, Chris KCod
finishing tread near ELV[close]
06/11/20153TrailJoe MyersjoeCod
cutting more tread near ELV[close]
06/10/201512TrailJoe Myersjoe m, joe o, rob wCod
COD re-route. knocked in tread in center of trail, and cleared corridor out to ELV.[close]
06/07/201520TrailRick DethmanDarlene, Stephen, Paul, Jeff & RickOchoco Mountains
Tread work & re-route cougar[close]
06/06/201542TrailRick DethmanDarlene, Stephen, Jeff, Paul, Sean, & RickOchoco Mountains
Re-route & tread work on lower Cougar[close]
06/04/20151TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichNorth Fork Trail
Cleared all remaining trees[close]
06/03/201570TrailChris KratschWoody S, Chris K, Mike P, Bruce S, Chad S, Mark M, Barry H, Chris S, Nicole S, Ali H, Cameron C, Boden C, Gina M, Wade M, David B, Tim S, Dave S, Michael N, Nate G, and Nick E.Wanoga Complex
Completed Catch & Release Trail from Conklin Rd Trailhead to Lava Island Rd.[close]
06/03/20154TrailJoe MyersjmCod
new trail on re-route[close]
06/03/201528TrailRick DethmanStephen, Paul, Sean & RickOchoco Mountains
Flagged re routes for w/e work party[close]
06/02/20155TrailRob WestonRob WWanoga Complex
Grooming 100 section of Duodenum[close]
06/01/20152TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichNorth Fork Trail
Cleared all trees on North Fork except 2 large ones[close]

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