Volunteers have worked a total of 1000 hours in 2016!

Trail work is what we do best. Use this area of the website to track any and all trail work you do. Keep in mind the time spent should account for your travel time to the work location.


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Date Hours Type Posted By Names Trail
10/17/201618TrailJoel PalanukPaul L, Joel P, Max P, Oscar RSisters Area
Mapped, and flagged kiddie pump track, and family zone at Sisters bike park. built pump track berms and bumps with mini ex, and ditch witch.[close]
05/27/20168TrailBruce SchroederBruce S and Rob WWanoga Complex
Completed clearing drains and raking tread on the Duodenum.[close]
05/27/20168TrailJoe MyersBill H and Joe mSouth Fork Trail
Finished clearing 20 trees from Southfork. Trees are now clear. Still patches of snow and a section of trail that was up-rooted down low.[close]
05/26/20166TrailRob WestonRobWanoga Complex
Cleared big limbs and heavy debris, fixed tread damage caused by dirt bikes, minor corner work, sight lines and trimming. Still about 25% of the trail to finish.[close]
05/25/201621TrailChris KratschC. Kratsch, M. Pulzone, C. Tanler, M. Brown, C. Getman and J OrtnerFarewell
Brushing and drainage on lower Farewell.[close]
05/25/201665TrailLev StrykerDan Walker, Joe Myer, Jason Meyer, Erika Schmid, Colin, Russ Risdon, Mike Mackie, Bill Hartrich, Lev StrykerSwampy Lakes Loop
Cut Blowdown on Sector 16, Swede Ridge, Rockless Ridge, Swampy Loop and South Fork.[close]
05/24/20163TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichTumalo Ridge Trail
Cleared about 10 trees. Trail is rideable but still needs some work[close]
05/22/20165TrailRob WestonRobWanoga Complex
Clearing branches/debris, trimming, sight lines and anchoring on Duodenum.[close]
05/20/201616TrailStephen HendersonBob, Paul C, Rick D, Stephen HCrook County
Bike Park Fence, Dirt moving[close]
05/20/20163TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichTumalo Ridge Trail
Cleared about 10 trees. Still several left[close]
05/19/201624TrailStephen HendersonPaul C Stephen H Rick D Travis HCrook County
Bike Park Fence, Dirt moving[close]
05/19/20164TrailJoe MyersmeWanoga Complex
Removed the lowest tree that was blocking tiddly. 2 large stands of deadfall just below where the trails separate was left. Removed 9 trees on Kiwa before running into terry with a chainsaw. He might have cleared the rest and said he did not need help. Cleared 2 small trees and a medium size tree on upper tylers. There are 2 decent sized trees on upper tylers right next to each other and 2-3 smaller one's once the decent starts which a person could bang their head on but don't effect the flow much.[close]
05/18/201610TrailStephen HendersonPaul C Stephen H Lance WCrook County
Bike Park Fence, Container Repair[close]
05/17/201612TrailStephen HendersonPaul C Ken J Stephen HCrook County
Prineville Bike Park Fence[close]
05/16/20166TrailTodd WellsTodd, Devon LyonsWanoga Complex
Cleared Tiddlywinks from Kiwa junction to bottom of DH including the uphill route.[close]
05/16/20163TrailBill HartrichBill HartrichWanoga Complex
Tiddlywinks. Cleared remaining deadfall between Wanoga and the Kiwa/Tiddlywinks intersection. About 1/4 mile below the Kiwa/Tiddlywinks intersection on the black diamond option a large fallen tree has uprooted the trail on a rock jump landing making the jump potentially hazardous[close]
05/14/201610TrailJoe Myerstodd and Jay met me at trail.Cod
Spring fling: roughly finished rock armoring on COD dip re-route. Slight re-routing through filled in fire hole.[close]
05/14/201666TrailStephen HendersonEleven CCC Cota member worked on the Cougar creek trail improvements for the Spring Fling event.Ochoco Mountains
Cougar Creek[close]
05/14/2016240TrailBruce Schroeder59 Bend area volunteers, adopters and crew leaders supporting Spring Fling. Thanks to all for an enjoyable and productive event.Cota's Trail Network
Trail maintenance on trails West of Bend[close]
05/14/20162TrailRob WestonRobWanoga Complex
Cleared some small-medium deadfall on Tylers upper/up route.[close]

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