What happened to the COTA Trail Conditions Report?
We were getting some complaints about the accuracy of the information and rather than provide inaccurate information, we have decided that we won’t be publishing status until we can do so reliably. The board is working on ideas of how to best gather accurate information and you can expect to see some dramatic changes to the COTA website over the next few months.

Use the map below to locate all the mountain bike trailheads around Bend. Each trailhead has a list of trails accessible from there. If you need more detailed information on each trail we recommend the definitive maps for this area, Adventure Maps for Central Oregon.

Please observe the following suggestions when riding anywhere in Central Oregon. There are a few special circumstances unique to Central Oregon that visitors need to be aware of.

1. Skidding causes erosion.
Soils here can be very dry in the summer and are easily eroded by excessive skidding. We try to design and build trails with this in mind but mountain bikers should ride so that skidding and hard braking are minimized. Control your speed. Please also AVOID trails that are wet during the spring melting season.

2. Keep Single Track single.
Most vegetation is fragile and very sensitive to trampling. When passing others stop your bike and put a foot down rather than ride around. This will avoid widening the trail unnecessarily. Use passing lanes whenever possible. When you stop for a break please remove your bike from the trail so others can pass without being forced to go off the tread of the trail.

3. Some trails can be crowded.
Runners, dog walkers, families, tour groups, racers and recreational cyclists all share the same trails. Please be courteous to other users, and extend a friendly nod or “hello” when passing. You are not any more entitled to use these trails than anyone else; please behave and be friendly regardless of what the other trail users are doing.

4. Leave it be.
We are blessed with a great diversity of trail types and technical levels in Central Oregon. If you encounter something which you are unable to clean, please leave it alone. Do not think that you are “doing somebody a favor” by cleaning up or otherwise removing a technical obstacle. If you want to help with trail work contact COTA directly or show up for one of our scheduled work parties. We would really appreciate your help!

In addition to the above local guidelines please know and obey the IMBA “Rules of the Trail”:

Map of Central Oregon Trailheads

View Central Oregon Mountain Bike Trailheads in a larger map

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